Portraits, Faces, Figures Visual Poems

Portraits, Faces, Figures 
Visual Poems

I have been making photographs of people my entire life.  Who wouldn't?  Why not?  However, that tendency dominated my earlier work, such as the "Kraus" book, and my 1966 book completed for a Nathan Lyons home workshop assignment.   More recent projects are not always focused exclusively on the human figure, but include images of people, oftentimes figures with their back turned to me representing "all people" rather than a particular personality.

It is May, 2017, and I have been studying, once again, the work of Alberto Giacometti.  He is one of my most inspirational artists, and I feel a new project coming in homage to him and his creative works.  But I owe so much to Alfred Stieglitz,  Henri Cartier-Bresson, W. Eugene Smith, Dave Heath, Robert Frank, Lee Friedlander, Gary Winogrand and so many other great photographers for their influence and inspiration and guidance for the work you will see included in the listing of projects below.  

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