The Sacred Art Photography Projects : Steven Foster

  The Sacred Art Photography Projects
Steven D. Foster

From the project:
The Center of Being

In 2011, while traveling in Turkey I experienced the spontaneous eruption of a symbol while viewing a display of Islamic Sacred Art.  This mystical experience initiated within me several related questions:  What is Sacred Art?  What is "the sacred"  in sacred art?  Would it be possible to produce Sacred Art within a contemporary art practice (such as my own)?  

These questions generated a response in the form of a two-year-long visual and textual meditation--a multi-chaptered photography project, entitled "An Imaginary Book."  

"An Imaginary Book" was a major turning point in my creative process.  After the completion of that project in 2013 nearly all of my subsequent photography projects up to now (1-2017) have been focused on those questions regarding sacred art.  This page of my photography blog contains the complete listing of my Sacred Art Photography Projects and other related online writing projects. 

The Sacred Art projects are a sustained meditation--in both visual and textual forms--which strive to unveil the Hidden Treasure, the divine presence, the Supreme Self which dwells behind or within the appearances of the world, the things of this earthly plane of existence.  The revelation occurs for me through the grace of the The Symbolic Photograph.  

It is the Symbol which conjoins Divinity and humanity, Creator and the created world, into a Unitary Reality.  The living, grace-filled symbol transcends the apparent differences of dual existence: inner and outer, subject and object, heaven and earth.  The symbol--its grace, and the grace of the contemplator--makes it possible to experience the Unity of Being.  It is through the grace of the symbol--and our deep, sincere engagement with it--that we can dissolve our psychic bind with the apparent outer world and become free to return to our inner, divine Origin, the Truth of who we truly are: the divine Self.

The List of  Sacred Art Photography Projects     

Here is the list of online projects that directly addresses the question of sacred art within my creative process.  Each title is hyperlinked: simply click on the title and you will be taken to the entire online project. 

The projects are listed from the most recent at the top to the initiating project "An Imaginary Book" 2011-13, at the bottom.  Several of the projects are multi-chaptered, that is to say, they contain several links under the one project title.  

Also, I encourage you to explore the Welcome Page of my photography blog-website,  TheDepartingLandscape.blogspot.com  It contains all of my online photography projects, many of which are sacred art projects "in spirit" though they do not directly address the questions which initiated "An Imaginary Book."  I have also included below a second list of related online writing projects.

Studies IX : Lila  ~ Seeing Presence in the light and details of my everyday life  2018
The Rising Sun : Prelude To An Exhibition  2018
Postlude To An Exhibition :  Homage to Minor White, Alfred Stieglitz, Valentin Silvestrov  2018
Alone : Blue Symmetrical Photographs  2017 
The Eye of Siva : White  Blue & Gold Snow Photographs  2017 

The Siva Sutra Rock Photographs  2017 
The Pulsating Uncreated Heart : Origin & Center of Creation  2017
Creation-Dissolution of a World  2017
Grace-Photograph-Symbol-Universe  2017

Time  Time-Changes  Sacred Time  2017
Snow Angels~Rilke's Angel of the Elegies~Khidr, Angel of the Earth  2016
The City of Souls  2016  
There Is No Thing To Know   2016
The Blue Pearl   2016
The Center of Being   2016   
Field of Vision   2015  
As Above, So Below ~ Mirror in the Temple   2015  
Photography and Yoga   2015  
Snow : Photographs from the Silver World   2015  
The Photograph as ICON   2015  
The Angels   2014 
The Space Between Color and Black&White   2014  
The Creative Process   2014  
"An Imaginary Book"   2011-13


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