As Above, So Below

As Above, So Below

     Image #1   As Above, So Below    ~    Symmetrical Photograph: Vaulted  Ceiling 

     Image #2   As Above, So Below    ~    Symmetrical Photograph: Bird Bath 

     Image #3   As Above, So Below    ~    Symmetrical Photograph: Reflections in a Door

Please Note:
This project, published in its original form on November 3, 2015 has been revised and re-published on October 2, 2018 as The Mirror In the Temple.  I invite you to visit the revised version of the project, and below I will offer a brief explanation for the revision. 

The earlier project, As Above, So Below followed my large multi-chaptered project Photography and Yoga.  As I was working on Photography and Yoga I frequently come across references to "the body as the temple of God," and synchronistically at that time I was also dealing with the body in more personal ways.  I suspected that "the body" would somehow become an aspect of a future project theme.  

As it turned out, after reading the words of Henry Corbin-- his essays "Emblematic Cities" and "Temple and Contemplation" --the project eventually became focused on the Temple more than on the body.  

In September, 2018 I began a new multi-chaptered project entitled WATER PhotographsCorbin's essay "Emblematic Cities" had focused on a "water-mirror" in a Temple, which I did include in the text published in the earlier November, 2015 version of this project.  Indeed, it was the water-mirror aspect of the earlier project that compelled me to revise the earlier project and use the revised version as the second Chapter of my 2018 WATER project.  

The 2018 revised project The Mirror In the Temple includes the same three symmetrical images, but the text has been significantly changed, and I think for the better.  I have removed the earlier version of the text from this project page, but I have kept the images hoping they might encourage you to visit the revised project. 
Thank you! 
Steven Foster

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Chapter 2 of WATER Photographs
Published October 2, 2018

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