The Music-inspired Photography Projects

The Music Inspired Projects  

Between 1999 and 2012 I created three large multi-chaptered projects inspired by the music of American composer Morton Feldman (1926-1987):   

The Departing Landscape Project  2007-12   

The Triadic Memories Project  2003-007
Garage Series  1999-2000    

                                     The Departing Landscape  2007-12                                                  

                                  The Triadic Memories Project 2003-07                                      


                                Garage Series 1999-2000                                    

Besides the music of Morton Feldman, my creative process has been influenced by Jazz composer-performer Steve Lacy, and the man who inspired him with his quirky music,  Thelonius Monk.  

My early Studies projects were inspired by the contemporary composer William Bolcom.  

American Composer Charles Ives was an important influence on the second part of my Lake Series

My Negative Print Project was inspired by a brief piano piece by Franz Liszt, Grey Clouds.

Chopin's Nocturnes were an important influence on my Color Diptychs project. 

My River Song Project was inspired by English pastoral music composed by Delius, Vaughan Williams, Frank Bridge, and others.  Their influence can also sensed in my project about the Hudson River Valley.  

My first major book project, Kraus, 1968 which was created for my Senior Visual Thesis requirement at the Institute of Design in Chicago, was inspired by the Leimotif idea used by Wagner in his music, especially his Ring Cycle.  It influenced the way I sequenced the images in the book and used recurring images with slight variations within the sequence.

To learn more about these musical influences in my photography visit this link: 
Other Music Inspired Projects.  

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