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Photography Projects

I believe that when I respond to something as intensely meaningful, perhaps as the result of a direct encounter with another person, place, thing or work of art, what I am essentially experiencing is some aspect of my Self which has been spontaneously awakened from its hidden, dormant state of being within me, something that has been needing and wanting to be consciously recognized and integrated into the unfolding wholeness of my Being.

As an artist, one of the ways I can explore this kind of meaningful experience in great depth, and amplify its meaning so that I can more consciously examine the resonance I feel, is by creating a complete body of photographs that as a visual whole gives symbolic form to my response.  A photography project in homage to anything important to me is a sustained form of visual contemplation or meditation. 

Below is a list of photography projects that in various ways acknowledge and give visual form to the respect and gratitude I feel for that which has come into my life and has awakened me--through their example, their living presence, their teachings--what I most needed to learn about my Self, my World, both inner and exterior.

The projects are listed chronologically, beginning with the earliest at the top; the most recent projects are listed at the bottom.

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Steve Lacy Series  1977-78   Homage to Steve Lacy, jazz performer and composer

In the Woods  1974 / 2010  Homage to American painter Charles Burchfield

Thing Centered Photographs  1980's / 2003 . . .  ongoing   Homage to "Things" and their Poets

The Lake Series, 1981-82   Homage to Lake Michigan, its space, its light, its living presence and American composer Charles Ives.

Images of Eden  1983-84 & City Places 1984-85  Homage to photographer Eugene Atget

Family Life 1985-88   Homage to my wife Gloria, my son & daughter Shaun & Jessica

River Songs  1988-89  Homage to English Pastoral Composers and their music.  Some of my favorite composers include: Ralph Vaughn Williams, Fredrick Delius, Frank Bridge, George Butterworth, and Arnold Bax

Studies I  1994-2000  Homage to brief piano pieces: etudes, or studies

Studies II : Monk's Quirky Music  Homage to Thelonius Monk, jazz composer, performer

The Garage Series  1999-2000  Homage to Morton Feldman, American Composer

Triadic Memories  2003-07  Homage to Morton Feldman, American Composer

The Departing Landscape Project  2007-12  Homage to Morton Feldman, American Composer

Hudson River Valley  2010  Homage to the Hudson River Painters

"An Imaginary Book"  2011-13  Homage to the Islamic Sacred Art Tradition

Still Life : Homage to Giorgio Morandi  2013-14

The Angels  2014   Homage to Paul Klee

Snow : Photographs of the Silver World  2015   Homage to Japanese and Chinese Painting

Photography and Yoga  2015   Homage to the Siddha Yoga Path, its Meditation Masters & their teachings

Illuminations  2016   Homage to Hafiz and other Poet Saints

Homage to Alberto Giacometti  2017

Homage to Robert Ryman  2017 ~ 2018

Snow Photographs : Homage to Harry Callahan  and All My Teachers  2018

Postlude To An Exhibition : Homage to Minor White, Alfred Stieglitz & Valentin Silvestrov  2018

I Was So Happy To See My Friend's Face : Homage to Coleman Barks, Rumi & Shams Tabriz  2018



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