Abstract Photogaphs: Objects & Interiors

Abstract Photographs:  
Objects  &  Interiors 

Morton Feldman's  Abstract Experience    

The abstract photographs come out of my experience of Morton Felmans’s music.  They represent an  “inner world” where time and space dissolve into silence, a stilled mystery.   

Feldman knew and loved and longed for what he called the “Abstract Experience” and he wrote and spoke extensively about it.   In one essay he states: “The Abstract Experience is only one thing—a unity that leaves one perpetually speculating… a metaphor without an answer.”

Feldman’s music was profoundly influenced by Middle Eastern abstract patterned rugs (which he collected) and the abstract painting of the New York School painters of the 1960’s and 70’s (which he also collected).  He had close friendships with Philip Guston, Robert Rauschenberg, Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko.  His favorite painter was Piet Mondrian.  

Feldman said his music “was between categories – between Time and Space, between music and painting, between the music’s construction and its surface.”  

The Abstract Photographs mean in ways that language cannot articulate.  Indeed, some of the most important things in art and in life--necessarily--are not sayable. 

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                             The Abstract Objects:  18x18"  inkjet prints.

                                 The Abstract Interiors: 21x21" inkjet prints.



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