Steven D. Foster - Resume

  Updated August, 2017

STEVEN D. FOSTER                                                                            
3906 Chatham Lane             
Canandaigua, NY  14424


Georgia State University, Atlanta, Art Department / Photography Area, 1972-1975

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Art Department and Film Department,   
Photography Area,  1975-2007  (Originated the Photography Area and Curriculum)

Retired May, 2007 and moved to Canandaigua, NY,  July,  2008.


M.F.A.          University of New Mexico, 1972

B.S.               Institute of Design, Illinois Institute of  Technology, 1968

A.A.S.           Rochester Institute of Technology, 1965


Photography Website November 2010 

I retired from teaching at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 2007, moved from Milwaukee to Canandaigua, NY in 2008, and then, in November, 2010 I initiated my photography website (the link is provided immediately above).  The Departing Landscape Website is an online compilation of my entire history of photographic picture-making projects and writings, dating back to the 1960's and including my most recently published projects.  ~  In 2012 I had my last exhibition in a commercial gallery (click here to see it).  Since then I have devoted all of my creative efforts to online projects posted on my website.  ~  The year 2016 was the most productive year I have ever experienced in my creative process.  Beginning with 2016, I will present a brief summary overview of the year's creative activities before moving on to my traditional resume format.

2018 Summary of Creative Activities
Solo exhibition, March 16-April 28, mini-retrospective at The Alice Wildsa contemporary art gallery in Milwaukee, Wi.  Steven D. Foster : The Space Between ~ Selected Works from 1977 - 2017

A 74 page catalogue Steven D. Foster : The Space Between, 1977 - 2017. was created in association with the exhibition by Jon Horvath for The Alice Wilds. 

Daniel McCullough created an article about me and my photography, dated April 21, 2018 entitled  Steven D. Foster : The Space Between for the blog Lenscratch in association with the exhibition.  Visit this link: Lenscratch

Mary Lousie Schumacher, award winning Art Critic for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, wrote twice about the exhibition on her weekly blog, which is named Art City.  (see my project Postlude) 

I created three blog photography projects in association with the exhibition:
The Rising Sun - Prelude To An Exhibition
Homage to Harry Callahan and All My Teachers 
Postlude to An Exhibition : Homage to Minor White, Alfred Stieglitz, Valentin Silvestrov 
     and their concepts of Equivalence and the Postlude.  (to be published on my blog in late May)

2017 Summary of Creative Activities

In August, 2017 the Alice Wilds, a contemporary art gallery in Milwaukee, Wi. began representing my work.  An exhibition of my works (from 1977 - 2017) will be on display in the gallery between March 16 and April 28.  I will give a Gallery Talk on Saturday, April 21.  A catalogue to accompany the exhibition is in the planning stage.  See my project: The Rising Sun ~ Prelude To An Exhibition.

My photographs were used for the CD front cover, back cover and multiple booklet images for the album: Morton Feldman : For Bunita Marcus,  Mark-Andre Hamelin, piano and author of the booklet essay.  Hyperion Records CDA68048  (click here)

The following projects were published in 2017 on my photography website The Departing Landscape:

March 2018
The Rising Sun ~ Prelude To An Exhibition
Completed February 1, 2018  (three parts)
October 31, 2017
August 14, 2017
August 4, 2017
June 1, 2017 
May 1, 2017
April 2, 2017
March 12, 2017
February 14, 2017
January 27, 2017
New Years Day, 2017

2016 Summary of Creative Activities

I have been more productive then ever since retirement from teaching, discontinuing my exhibiting in galleries, and putting all my creative energy in making projects for my website.  In the year 2016 I published an unprecedented 12 new projects; I created a page devoted to my Sacred Art Photography Projectsand one of my abstract photographs from my Departing Landscape project--photographs which gives visual form to my response to the music of Morton Feldman--was published by Hyperion Records in England on the cover of their new CD devoted to the music of Feldman and Crumb.  (click here to see the CD cover)

~ ~ Projects Completed in 2016 ~ ~
New Years Day, 2017
December 9, 2016
November 15, 2016
October 10, 2016
September1 , 2016
Signs, Veils & the Symbolic Photograph
August 2, 2016
featuring the poems of Hafiz and other Poet-Saints
July 1, 2016
June 1, 2016
May 4, 2016 (Four Parts)
   April 7, 2016
 February 2016


The Resume below includes exhibitions (solo and invitational group), publications, artist talks, founding and participation of alternative artist-run co-op galleries, museum collections, grants-awards, gallery representation, etc. . . .  going back as late as 1967.


2012:  Spectrum Gallery, Rochester, NY  Jan. 6 - Feb. 25  Selections from: The Departing Landscape, Abstract Photographs, The Lake Series, Images of Eden  click here

2012:  Music Video  Panalure - "Im Not Thinking About You"  (using photographs from my Triadic Memories Project)  click here

2004:   Triadic Memories, Michael H. Lord Gallery, Milwaukee  April-June.  click here

2002:   Triads and Quartets, Michael H. Lord Gallery, Milwaukee  click here

2002:   Envirionmental Law & Policy Center, Chicago (May 10)  Retrospective

2001:   Carol Ehlers Gallery, Chicago   “The Garage Series”  (shown with a separate exhibit of building facade photographs by Harry Callahan)  click here

2000:  Michael Lord Gallery, Milwaukee  (two person show with Tom Bamberger)  Garage Series

1999:   Artspace, J.M. Kohler Arts Center, Sheboygan  Studies  click here

1998:   Carol Ehlers Gallery, Chicago  Studies  click here

1998:   Michael Lord Gallery, Milwaukee  Triadic Visual Poems  

1996:   Michael Lord Gallery, Milwaukee  Studies

1996:   Ehlers Caudill Callery, Chicago (Studies, three mini-solo shows: Dec. 95; Jan 96; Feb. 96)

1994:   Michael Lord Gallery, Milwaukee  Thing Centered Photographs

1992:   Michael Lord Gallery, Milwaukee   Color Dyptichs

1991:   Ehlers-Caudill Gallery, Chicago   Color Dyptichs

1990:   Michael Lord Gallery, Milwaukee    The River Series

1988:   Michael Lord Gallery, Milwaukee   Family Life Series

1988:   Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design,   12  Year Retrospective

1985:   Tweed Museum, University of Minnesota-Duluth   Images of Eden

1985:   Michael Lord Gallery, Milwaukee  City Places & Images of Eden

1984:   Kohler Art Center, Sheboygan, Wis. (with Tom Bamberger)  Lake Series

1984:   Perihelion Gallery, Milwaukee (with John McWilliams)  Dream Portraits

1982:   Art Institute of Chicago (100 print Retrospective 1975-1982, curated by David Travis)

1982:   Young-Hoffman Gallery, Chicago  Lake Series

1982:   Swen Parsen Gallery, Northern Illinois University-Dekalb  Negative Prints

1982:   Perihelion Gallery, Milwaukee  Intimate Landscapes

1980:   Frumkin Gallery, Chicago  Negative Prints

1979:   Bradly Gallery, Milwaukee: Photographs by Steven Foster & Watercolors by Laurence Rathsack

1978:   Renaissance Society Galleries, University of Chicago  Steve Lacy Series 
1978:  Nexus Gallery, Atlanta  The Steve Lacy Series, 1977
1975:  Columbia College, Chicago Photography Gallery The Georgia Woods Series 1974
1975:  Nexus Gallery, Atlanta  The Georgia Woods Series 1974  & leaf collages by his son, Shaun Foster “A One Man-One Child Exhibition”
1974:  Nexus Gallery, Emergence

GROUP EXHIBITIONS (selected, invitationals)        

2011:    Exploring Photographic Style, High Museum, Atlanta - from the Collection

2007:   Wisconsin Triennial, Madison Museum of Contemporary Art

2007:   “Place of the Transcommon”  Inova/Vogel, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

2006:   Art Institute of Chicago “Photographs by the Score: Personal Visions Twenty Some Years Apart”

2004:  Art Institute of Chicago “Pieced Together: Photomontage from the Collection”  

2004:  Milwaukee Art Museum  “Super Hits of the 70’s”  Permanent Collection show

2003:  Fassbender Stevens Gallery, Chicago (select group show of gallery artists)

2002:  Madison Art Center “Wisconsin Triennial 2002”

2001:  Art Institute of Chicago “Sight-Set-Sequence”

2000:  Art Institute of Chicago “Crossing the Line”  

2000:  “Work in Progress: The Madison Art Center Collects”

2000:   “Factory Soiree” Milwaukee Art Museum, Oct.

2000:  “Variations on a Theme” Uihlein Peters Gallery, Milwaukee

1999:  “Under Construction”  Milwaukee Art Museum

1999:   Carol Ehlers Gallerly, Chicago,

1999:  Wisconsin Triennial, Madison Arts Center, Madison

1998:  Atlanta Photography Group Gallery: “First Light: The Nexus Photographers 1973-1978”

1998:  Milwaukee Art Museuem, recent acquisitions exhibition

1997:  Milwaukee Art Museum group exhibition "Wisconsin Art Since 1990: Selection from the Permanent Collection”

1997:  Ehlers Caudill Gallery, Chicago, Summer Exhibition "Water"

1997:  Milwaukee Art Museum "An Other History of Photography" exhibition from the permanent collection

1997:  Art Institute of Chicago, recent acquisitions

1997:  Madison Art Center, recent acquisitions.

1996:  “Photography from Wisconsin, Minnesota and Illinois”  Madison Art Center.  December 1995- February 1996  (38 framed prints from the  "Studies" project)

1996:  "City Stories: 150 Years of Photography in Milwaukee"  Milwaukee Art Museum

1996:  Michael Lord Gallery

1996:  Milwaukee Art Museum, "A History of Photography" curated  by Tom Bamberger, Milwaukee Art Museum

1995:  Traveling Exhibition:  Wisconsin Arts Board Fellowship Recipients: Miller Gallery, Madison; UW-Whitewater Fine Arts Gallery, UW-Milwaukee Fine Arts Gallery

1995:  PhotoCollect, NYC, featured contemporary photographer in spring exhibition

1994:  Photographic Resource Center, Boston University, '94 Benefit Auction-Exhibition

1994:  "Locations"  Fredrick Layton Gallery, Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design

1991:  Mayor's Office, Invitational, Milwaukee

1991:  "Verging on Emergence: A Milwaukee Artists Invitational," University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee Art Museum

1990:  Madison Arts Center, "Wisconsin Triennial"

1990:  Emporia State University, Eppink Art Gallery, Emporia, Kansas, "Ten Photographers"

1990:  Milwaukee Art Museum, " A Decade of Wisconsin Art  Acquiaitions"

1989:  "Natural Beauty," First Bank Milwaukee Gallery, with  J.P. Atterberry and Gregory Conniff

1988:  Milwaukee Art Museum, "100 Years of Wisconsin Art"

1988:  Burden Gallery, NYC, "Swimmers," exhibition organized  by Aperture traveled two years

1987:  Madison Arts Center, "Wisconsin Triennial"

1987:  Milwaukee Art Museum, "Five Photographers"

1986:  Michael Lord Gallery, Milwaukee

1986:  Museum of New Mexico, Santa Fe: "The Poetics of Space"

1985:  Pace/McGill Gallery, New York City

1985:  Photographic Resource Center at Boston University: "Photomosaics: The Landscape Reconstructed"

1983:  Sante Fe Winter Film and Photography Exposition

1981:  Walker Art Center: Fourteen Mid-Western Photographers

1981:   Chicago Center for Contemporary Photography: New American Photography

1979:  Art Institute of Chicago: American Photography of '70's 
1979:  Madison Arts Center, 4th Presidential Invitational Exhibition, Madison, Wi.
1978:  Milwuakee Arts Center, Wisconsin Directions 2
1978:  Documenta, Syracuse, NY with Richard Blau and Robert Muffoletto
1978:  Kohler Arts Center, Sheboygan, Wi Midwest Photographers
1977:  Perihelion Gallery, Milwaukee
1976:  Water Street Art Gallery, Milwaukee Four Brides of Stieglitz - Photographys by Steven Foster, Dick Blau, Tom Uttech, Jan Arnow
1975:  Nine Contemporary Photographers, Art Gallery, Georgia State University, Atlanta
1974:  High Museum, Artists in Georgia
1973:  Temple University Art Gallery, The Document
1972:  Nexus Gallery, Atlanta  
1969:  George Eastman House, Rochester, NY  Vision and Expression
1967:  Underground Gallery, New York City, January 12-29  with Roger Mertin and Alice Wells  “3”  


PUBLICATIONS (selected)                           

2o17:  Photographs for the CD front cover, back cover and multiple booklet images were published by Hyperion Records for their album: Morton Feldman : For Bunita Marcus,  Mark-Andre Hamelin, piano and author of the booklet essay.  CDA68048  (click here)

2o16:  Photograph used as CD cover image by Hyperion records for their album: Feldman : Crumb  CD68108  (click here)

2014:    Sites of Performance : Of Time and Memory, Clark  Lunberry, includes my photographs is the essey Staring Sightlessly’: Proust’s Presence in Beckett’s Absence”  Anthem Press, London, October 2014

2009:    Beckett's Proust/Deleuze's Proust, eds. Mary Bryden, Margaret Topping; Palgrave MacMillian: 10 of my photographs in an essay by Clark Lunberry Staring Sightlessly’: Proust’s Presence in Beckett’s Absence”

2007:   Journal of Dramatic Theory and Criticism,  Fall issue,  9 photographs with an essay by Clark Lunberry “Staring Sightlessly”:  Proust’s Presence in Beckett’s Absence.

2005:  “Foster’s Work Shines at UWM”  article and reproduction by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Art Critic Mary Louise Schumacher, Sunday Cue section, September 25

2004:   “Foster’s  photographs set tone with the music” review of solo show at Michael  Lord Gallery by James Auer, Milwaukee Sentinel art critic.  April 28.

2004:   “Remembrance of Things Present: Steven Foster’s Repetition Series Photographs,  Morton Feldman’s Triadic Memories” by Clark Lunberry, long illustrated essay found on the Morton Feldman Page website

2002:   Cover art for CD:  Morton Feldman “Violin and String Quartet” Fong Rangzen Quartet

2001:  The Writer: June, 2001.  Three color Photos from “The River Series” 1990 to accompany an article on poetry “In the Moment” by James Applewhite.

2001:   New Art Examiner March, 2001:   review of show at Michael Lord Gallery, with Tom Bamberger

2001:   New City-Chicago March 2/9 2001:  review of show at Carol Ehlers Gallery

2001:   Art on Paper July/August 2001  review of show at Carol Ehlers Gallery

2000:   Milwaukee Journal, Cue section, Oct. 15, interview and article by James Auer regarding  he two person show by Tom Bamberger and Steven Foster at the Michael Lord Gallery, Milwaukee Oct/Nov 2000.

1999:  Wisconsin Triennial, Madison Art Center

1999:  Madison Art Center (cover of Sept/Oct/Nov quarterly for Triennial)

1999:  John Michael Kohler Arts Center bi-monthly calendar (March/Arpil & May/June)

1998:  Chicago Reader, July 10,1998: “Piece Work:  Steven Foster at Carol Ehlers Gallery” by Fred Camper.  Large article with two reproductions.

1998:  New City Verve, July 2, 1998: Short review of exhibition at Carol Ehlers Gallery with recommendation by reviewer  Michael Weinstein.

1996: The New Art Examineer, Chicago arts publication, March 96,  review: "New Photography From Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Illinois" at the Madison Art Center, by James Rhem.  (Same  review published in Art Muscle, Feb./March issue, 96)

1996: Milwaukee Magazine, August, 96, page 107, review "Pilgrams  Progress, Studies by Milwaukee photographer Steven D. Foster" by R.M. Ryan.

1996: Darshan, December, 96, #117, inside cover, "Images of Eden" Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, June 21, Cue 7E, review: "Exhibit of small-scal works makes a large-scale statement" by James Auer (with reproduction)

1996  Art Muscle, Milwaukee arts publication, October/November, Vol 11, 1, "Essay/Steve Foster/Studies." a poetic review  by Nathan Guequierre (with seven reproductions).1996: Milwaukee Magazine, reproduction of image in article "Valley of Dreams" by Tony Hopfinger, August, 96.

1996: Photography from Wisconisn, Minnesota and Illinois, Madison Art Museum catalogue (and a Gallery Talk, February 9)

1995: Milwaukee Magazine, June, '95, feature photograph--lake collage--for essay on Milwaukee.

1994: Milwaukee Magazine, November '94, two images from the "Images of Eden Series"

1991: Series of three covers (full page covers, in color) for UW- Milwaukee University Outreach catalogues (Summer, Fall, Winter/Spring issues).

1990: The River Series: MAKOM VII, editioned boxed portfolio of  12 color photographs, Michael Lord Gallery, Milwaukee

1990: Wisconsin Triennial, Madison Arts Center.

1988: 100 Years of Wisconsin Art, Milwaukee Art Museum.

1988: Swimmers, Aperture’s hard-cover book/catalogue for traveling exhibition

1987: Multiple Exposure: Five Photographers, Milwaukee Art Museum.  Three reproductions, vita, and a text/transcript of dialogue between the five artists about the work in the exhibition.

1987: Wisconsin Triennial, Madison Arts Center.

1987: Editor's Choice II: Poetry, Fiction & Art from the U.S. Small Press.

1984:  Chicago, ed. by Reginald Gibbons, a special issue (#60) of TRIQUARTERLY, an arts journal, Northwestern University.    Portfolio of six reproductions.

1984:  Clockwatch Review, ed. by James Plath, Vol. 2, No. 1, a  journal of the arts, Driftwood  Publications, Hartland, Wi.  Portfolio of reproductions.

1984: Wisconsin Directions IV, Milwaukee Art Museum.  One reproduction, statement,

1982: Steven D. Foster: The Lake Series, a booklet of sixteen reproductions, an artist's statement, and resume, co-published by the Art Institute of Chicago and TRIQUARTERLY, of Northwestern University

198l:  Fourteen Mid-Western Photographers, Walker Art Center

198l: New American Photography, Chicago Center for Contemporary Photography

198l: Exposure, 19:1, Society for Photographic Education

1975:  Nine Contemporary Photographers, Art Gallery, Georgia State University, Atlanta, A portfolio of images and texts by each photographer, plus one of my images was used on the cover piece (included John McWilliams, Todd Walker, Sam Wang and others)

1971:  AMERYKA, a publication from Poland about American photography.  My image published in the Time-Life series The Print was used.

1970:  Time-Life Photography Series, The Print (one image)

1969: Vision and Expression, book with show of same name, George Eastman House, Rochester, NY

ARTIST TALKS  (selected)

2001:  Inova, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Art Museum, Oct. 18, 2001

2000: Center for Photography At Madison, talk and panel discussion on “Abstraction”

1996:  “Photography from Wisconsin, Minnesota and Illinois”  (February 9)

1997:  Artist talk in the "Work-In-Progress" Series, sponsored by the Milwaukee Art Museum Photo Council, October 28, 97.

1988: "Lunch/Lecture" in conjunction with my retrospective exhibition at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design

1986: Slide presentation of my work, University of Texas-Dallas  

1985: Gallery talk and slide presentation on my work, the Tweed  Museum, University of                   -Duluth

1983: Slide lecture on my work, Columbia College Photo Department, Chicago

1982: Art Institute of Chicago, slide lecture to the Photographic Society of the Art Institute in association with my solo exhibition there    


1972-75  Founding Member, active participant and exhibitor, Nexus Gallery, Atlanta

1976-83  Founding Member, active participant and exhibitor, Perihelion Gallery, Milwaukee


Art Institute of Chicago

Museum of Modern Art, NYC

Walker Art Center, Minneapolis

Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago

Milwaukee Art Museum

Madison Arts Center, Madison, Wi.

High Museum, Atlanta

International Museum of Photography at George Eastman House, Rochester, NY

Visual Studies Workshop, Rochester, N.Y.

Tweed Museum, University of Minnesota-Duluth

Art Museum, University of New Mexico

Private Collections (including The First Bank System, Ray-O-Vac , Prudential Corp)   


Wisconsin Arts Board Individual Fellowship Award, 1998 ($8,000)

Wisconsin Arts Board Individual Artists Grant, 1994-95 ($3,500)

Milwaukee County Individual Artists Fellowship, 1990  ($10,000)

Wisconsin Arts Board Project Grants: l985/86, 82, 80, 78 ($2,000)

Wisconsin Arts Board Visual Arts Fellowship: l977 ($2,000)

Milwaukee Artists Foundation Project Grants: 1987, 84/85, 83


In August, 2017 the Alice Wildsa new contemporary art gallery in Milwaukee, Wi. began representing my work.  John Sobczak, Director.  

I was represented by Spectrum Gallery, Rochester, NY from January 6, 2012 through mid-June, 2015, when the gallery closed.  A solo exhibition of my work opened there on January 6, 2012 thru February 25, 2012.  As of mid-June, 2015 the gallery closed.   
Carol Ehlers first represented my work in Chicago from 1978-2001 via the Frumkin Gallery – Chicago, and then later via the Carol Ehlers Gallery.  She closed her gallery in 2001.  

The Fassbender Stevens Gallery, Chicago represented my work from November 2002 through March 2003 when the gallery closed.

The Michael Lord Gallery, Milwaukee represented my work from 1983 through 2005 when the gallery closed.   
The Michael Lord Gallery in Palm Springs, Calif. has  reopened in January, 2010 in Palm Springs, Ca. He is holding some of my earlier work (Studies, Garage series, Lake series).  See  Artists link, then Foster at http://www.michaelhlordgallery.com

WEBSITES  ( with visual representation )

In November, 201o I initiated my photography website TheDepartingLandscape.bolgspot.com  an online compilation of my all my photography projects and writings, from the mid 1960's to my most recently completed projects.  Since retirement from teaching I have decided to focus my energies entirely to publishing projects on my website rather than exhibiting in galleries.  Please visit http://thedepartinglandscape.blogspot.com/

a website I made to inform and protect against Hydrofracking in the NY Finger Lakes area

At the Clark Lunberry website see Staring Sightlessly which was a collaborative piece that includes 10 of my photos.  Also see an essay on the music of Morton Feldman:  Departing Landscapes: Morton Feldman’s String Quartet II and Triadic Memories

Images and texts for the Garage Series Quintets, 2001 from the 2001 exhibition website of the Carol Ehlers Gallery, Chicago.   This link is from the Morton Feldman Page   

My website is linked to the Morton Feldman Page, Art Links.  http://www.cnvill.net/mfalinks.htm


End of Resume

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