Visual Poems for the Departing Landscape

Visual Poems / The Departing Landscape
15x27" inkjet prints 

                                               Triadic Visual Poems  #51   15x27”   The Departing Landscape
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The Visual Poems are divided into two sets.  The images in this set, for The Departing Landscape Project (2007-10), are intentionally narrative and are meant to invoke feelings and memories related to loss, leaving, death, the nature-human interface and the dissolution of the natural world.

The visual poems in the other set, click here, were created for an earlier Feldman-inspired project entitled Triadic Memories (2003-2007), and are generally less narrative, the three images relating to each other in more open-ended, and formally evocative ways.  

In any case, the viewer is encouraged to fill the space between the images with his or her own interpretations.

       Triadic Poems  #78  15x27”

     Triadic Poems  #1

        Triadic Poems  #83

        Triadic Poems  #2

            Triadic Poems #81 C

       Triadic Poems #86


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