Symmetrical Meadow

Symmetrical Meadow Photographs

The photographs I used to construct these symmetrical photographs are from an earlier project entitled The Meadow. I encourage you to take a look at the project and read the introductory text. To see my other symmetrical photograph projects visit: The Complete Collection.


As I was writing the introduction to the Four-fold Symmetrical Hydrofracking Photographs I realized that the making of symmetrical photographs was something like a ritual for me. I had the feeling that the transformation of the image I started out with somehow magically affected the subject matter in the picture. I imagined, or perhaps wanted to believe, that some degree of protection or purification or healing could be affected by transforming the hydrofracking imagery into a symmetrical photograph. I would like to believe that the symmetrical photographs, and the process of making them, have some subtle impact against the threat of hydrofracking in New York State, and particularly in the area we live in.  

My wife and I live next to a beautiful meadow on the edge of a woods in a "protected" watershed area close to Canandaigua Lake, one of New York State's Finger Lakes. The entire Finger Lakes area is very beautiful and rich with precious fresh water, clean air, and a flowering of tourism, organic farming and wineries. All of this is at risk of becoming poisoned and destroyed by quite literally being turned into an industrial waste land by the ugly, aggressive, polluting natural gas drilling process known as high volume hydraulic fracturing . . . if . . . NY State Government decides to permit it.  

May these four-fold symmetrical transformations of The Meadow photographs help protect the meadow, the community I live in, all of the finger Lakes area of NY State, and the entire global natural world from the ignorant, short sighted, greedy, destructive kind of human acts exemplified by hydrofracking. 


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#1  Symmetrical Meadow Photograph -  Dark Fall Sky  19x25"

#15  Symmetrical Meadow Photograph -  Fog Islands  19x25"

#3  Symmetrical Meadow Photograph -  Spring Green  19x25"

#3  Symmetrical Meadow Photograph -  Dark Meadow, iced pond  19x25"

#4  Symmetrical Meadow Photograph -  Frost  19x25"

#5  Symmetrical Meadow Photograph -  Rainbow  19x25"

#6  Symmetrical Meadow Photograph -  After a Storm  19x25"

#7  Symmetrical Meadow Photograph -  Light Grey Cloud  19x25"

#8  Symmetrical Meadow Photograph -  Hawk's Shadow  19x25"

#14  Symmetrical Meadow Photograph -  Fog lifting  19x25"

#9  Symmetrical Meadow Photograph -  Thistle patch  19x25"

#10  Symmetrical Meadow Photograph -  Snow late afternoon  19x25"

#11  Symmetrical Meadow Photograph -  Fog & snow covered pond  19x25"

#17  Symmetrical Meadow Photograph -  Opening in stormy sky  19x25"

#12  Symmetrical Meadow Photograph -  Strand of trees, fog  19x25"

#13  Symmetrical Meadow Photograph -  Spring fog floating meadow  19x25"

#16  Symmetrical Meadow Photograph -  V shaped flight of birds  19x25"

Meadow Photographs

The five symmetrical photographs below are from the Creation-Dissolution of a World project, completed February 16, 2017.      

 Symmetrical Meadow Photograph  #1         Creation-Dissolution of a World  

 Symmetrical Meadow Photograph  #2         Creation-Dissolution of a World 

         Symmetrical Meadow Photograph  #3         Creation-Dissolution of a World 

 Symmetrical Meadow Photograph  #4         Creation-Dissolution of a World 

 Symmetrical Meadow Photograph  #5         Creation-Dissolution of a World 

*          *          *

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