Symmetrical River photos

Symmetrical River Songs   

Introduction These four-fold symmetrical photographs were constructed from single images I had made for an earlier project entitled  River Songs.  I encourage you to visit the project, see the original single river images, and read the introductory text.  To see my other symmetrical photograph projects visit: The Complete Collection.

The river I photographed was in an urban setting; I had always seen it from above, as I was  driving my car over the bridges in my neighborhood.  But when I went down to the river itself, and got close to its flowing water, it was like I had entered another, magical world.  I love the original river images, so romantic, so idealized;  but these symmetrical transformations amplify my experience of the magical in a wonderfully different, elevated and most satisfying way.  

The Four-fold symmetrical photographs are made by duplicating the original image four times and collaging them together such that the images mirror each other vertically and horizontally.  Of course, the original river photographs are in many ways about reflected or mirrored imagery . . . something to consider as you view the work presented here.

I have used a few of these symmetrical photographs in another project Infinite Beauty.  Please take a look.

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Symmetrical River Songs  - Eating the Sun  19x25"

Symmetrical River Songs  - Falling Leaves  19x25"

Symmetrical River Songs  - Opening view  from the interior  19x25"

Symmetrical River Songs  - River Falls & Water Sprite  19x25"

Symmetrical River Songs  - Reflections  19x25"

Symmetrical River Songs - Light on tree limb touching river  19x25"

Symmetrical River Songs  - Winter Cross  19x25"

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