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                A  Collaborative Cross-Disciplinary  Offering
   Images   ~    Music    ~    Text 
               Exhibition               ~                 Concert                    ~            Lecture

I envision an exhibition of my Feldman-inspired photographs (The Departing Landscape, Triadic Memories, The Garage Series) presented with recorded piano music of Morton Feldman, performed by Louis Goldstein, playing quietly, atmospherically in the gallery space while viewers are looking at the photographs.  (Perhaps there could be a media room with Departing Landscape poems and images of photographs being projected along with Feldman’s music.)  

Ideally, a live piano concert by Louie Goldstein would compliment an exhibition of the photographs which would provide viewers with the most direct experience of Feldman’s music.
Finally, I would like to see a lecture presented by scholar/writer Clark Lunberry that would provide viewers with some deeply considered insights into Feldman's music, my photographs, and the relationships between them.  

Images, music and text... presented together, offering a holistic experience.

Pianist Louis Goldstein and scholar-writer Clark Lunberry and photographer Steven Foster are joining in a cross disciplinary offering which includes an exhibition of photographs inspired by the music of Morton Feldman, a solo concert of Feldman’s late piano music, and a scholarly, insightful lecture exploring Feldman’s music, Foster's photographs and the relationships between them.  To learn about Louis Goldstein and Clark Lunberry and Steven Foster please visit the highlighted links below.  


Clark Lunberry   ~   Scholar, Writer

Clark Lunberry's website   You will find Lunberry’s resume (CV),  published writings and much more at his website. I especially recommend the following two published essays:  Staring Sightlessly: Proust’s Presence in Beckett’s Absence which contains 10 of my photographs.  And Departing Landscapes: Morton Feldman’s String Quartet II and Triadic Memories, which includes material that relates to my photography projects.

Remembrance of Things Present: Steven Foster’s Repetition Series Photographs, Morton Feldman’s Triadic Memories. This unpublished 2004 illustrated essay was presented by Lunberry as a lecture/gallery talk for an exhibition of my Feldman-inspired photographs.  


Louis Goldstein   ~   Pianist

Goldstein's Resume    
Recording notes and reviews           

Hear excerpts from Goldstein's most recent recording of Feldman's music

Contact Louis Goldstein


Morton Feldman   ~  Composer    Click Here   


Steven D. Foster
Gallery representation:  Spectrum Gallery,  Rochester,  NY  
Steven D. Foster - Resume
Steven D. Foster - A Brief Bio
Steven D. Foster - Published biographical article 
Radio Interview with Tish Pearlman "Out of Bounds" (available in archive soon)
Steven D. Foster - A Personal History of Photography - An Illustrated Chronology

Writings: Remembrances
Steven D. Foster                                                                     
3906 Chatham Lane                                                            
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