Chromatic Fields

Chromatic Fields    
Image sizes: 21x21”  inkjet print

 Morton Feldman suspended repeating and subtly evolving and transforming sound patterns in a (musical) space that was generated in his 1981 composition for solo piano, Triadic Memories by having the pianist hold down the piano’s sustaining peddle throughout the duration of the performance of the piece.  As the piano hammer strikes the notes, the sounds emerge from—become suspended in—and then are allowed to slowly decay, or de-compose back into silence.  As this is happening, explains scholar-writer Clark Lunberry, the sounds become entropicaly interwoven and resonate together as an expansive tonal—chromatic—field, a tapestry of sound.  

In my chromatic field photographs I repeat the same image multiple times in a grid format.  I’m fascinated by the way an image, when it becomes transformed into a unified visual field, an image tapestry, manifests a new pictorial space--a space which amplifies, often quite viscerally and with surprising transforming revelations, the essential visual characteristics of the single originating image.

This text is taken from the webpage entitled  Triadic Memories .

      Construction Block, Chromatic Field   21x21

      Blue Cloud  Chromatic Field   21x21

         Corner of Room, Chromatic Field   21x21”

      Chromatic Field  (Garage facade)   21x21”

       Fence Shadow, Chromatic Field   21x21”

     Abstract Chromatic Field  21x21”

       Chromatic Field - (three dots)  21x21”

          Chromatic Field - Wall Fragments  21x21” 

          Chromatic Field -  Apple & Line   21x21”

             Abstract Chromatic Field - (horse’s legs collage)  21x21”


Chromatic Fields
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Chromatic Field  (architectural detail with lines and sky)   21x21”

Chromatic Field  (abstract image : corner of a room, colored)   21x21”

Chromatic Field  (abstract image : corner of a room)   21x21”

Chromatic Field  (Boy looking up at a man)   21x21”

Chromatic Field  (Pepper corns, negative)   21x21”

Chromatic Field  (ceiling vent)   21x21”

Chromatic Field  (wall with vines and lines)   21x21”

Chromatic Field  (screen door)   21x21”

Chromatic Field  (building air vent)   21x21”

Chromatic Field  (Garage interior, window and plasterboard)   21x21”

Chromatic Field  (fence and lines)   21x21”

Chromatic Field  (abstract image,"cotton balls")   21x21”

Chromatic Field  (yellow brick wall with black empty spaces)   21x21”


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