Visual Poems / Triadic Memories

Visual Poems / Triadic Memories  
Image sizes:  15x27”

                                   Visual Poem # 7  15x27" inkjet print     Click to enlarge

The Visual Poems consist of three different juxtaposed images suspended in black space.  

I have divided the Visual Poems into two sets.   The images you see here belong to the project entitled Triadic Memories: The Repetition Series Photographs (2003-2007).  The relationships between the images in this set are essentially formal, and address the issue of memory in an intentionally open-ended poetic way - perhaps like those kinds of memories that can't quite be drawn into full consciousness.  

The other set of triadic visual poems, click here belong to the Feldman inspired project (2007-2010) entitled The Departing Landscape.  The visual poems in that set are much more narrative and are meant to invoke feelings and memories associated with loss and longing, the decay of man's relation to the natural world, and the death or dissolution of Nature.

In any case, the viewer is encouraged to the fill the space between the images with his or her own meaning.  

        Triadic Poem # 3

       Triadic Poem # 38C

       Triadic Poem # 69

     Triadic Poem # 85

      Triadic Poem # 87  (you can click on this image to enlarge it)


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