Gridline Photographs

Gridline Photographs  

Morton Feldman wrote a number of early graphic scores in the 1950’s on grid lined paper.  The grid form came spontaneously into the Triadic Memories: The Repetition Series project when I started making the chromatic field photographs.  In some of these image fields the spaces between the photographs produce what appears to be intersecting lines across the surface of the photograph.  These apparent “gridlines” led me to intentionally add vertical and horizontal lines to my photographs.

Clark Lunberry, referring to an early gridline photograph entitled “Lake Fence” (27x9”) wrote  “...the grid lines in the image might function as a kind of window, or a fence—even as an obstruction or barrier to seeing that might nonetheless reveal new dimensions to a scene, and to our seeing.”   

      Gridline Photograph, 21x21”  (Barred Window and shadows)

     Peach Line Field, 21x21

     Abstract Gridline Field (Yellow Garage Door Trim) 21x21”

      Abstract Gridline Photograph  21x21”

       Abstract Gridline Field (with colored shapes) 21x21”



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