Hydrofracking Screenshots

The Hydrofracking Screenshots

Note: this part 2 of a four part series of projects 
entitled the Hydrofracking Suite.

The images and texts below were taken from various hydrofracking websites, articles and videos I found on the internet.  I am grateful to all the photographers and writers who have made their images and information available for us to see and contemplate and learn from. 

This image is from a short video shot in infrared to reveal invisible escaping 
methane gas from gas drilling and storage sites.  
Click on the link below to see the video 
which is located inside an important NYTimes article  

These NASA photos of the Arctic ice cap made in 1979 and 2007 
graphically show the effects of global warming. 
Arctic sea ice in the summer of 2007 was roughly 39% 
below the summer average for 1979-2000. 
Hydrofracking generates a carbon footprint as great or greater 
than coal mining.  Methane gases escaping from wells, pipelines, 
storage tanks and compressors, and exhaust and spillings from 1000 industrial trucks 
per well transporting toxic drilling chemicals and contaminated 
drilling waste water to and from each single well 
is a very dangerous threat to our health, our environment, 
and the entire planet.  There could be up to eight wells 
at a single pad, and wells can be fracked multiple times 
(perhaps 6 to 20 times) over the period of a well's life.

               Radioactive materials also come up with the flowback.  

     Click on the above picture or text below to enlarge and read it.
     Click on the above picture and text to enlarge and read it.

Communities are devastated by the constant presence of industrial sized truck that 
run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The sound, light, and fumes generated 
by this traffic is very troubling.  The road are destroyed, the municipalities must 
often pay for the damage after the trucks leave.  All the truckers that come into 
these communities are transient workers.  They come for a while, then leave.  
While in the towns they take jobs away from the locals.  
In Pennsylvania many women with children to feed, 
are forced into prostitution with the truckers to save their families 
from the economic chaos that hydrofracking creates in their communities.

gas flare is an elevated vertical conveyance found accompanying the presence of gas wells, 
rigs, refineries, chemical plants, natural gas plants.  They are used to eliminate waste gas 
which is otherwise not feasible to use or transport.  They also act as safety
 systems for non-waste gas and is released via a pressure relief valve when needed 
to ease the strain on equipment. They protect gas processing equipment from 
being overpressured.  Also in case of an emergency situation, the flare 
system helps burn out the total reserve gas.  
Flaring poses the serious problem of wasting energy uselessly
Flaring basically consists in burning precious resources instead of using them. 
Flaring also plays a role in the increase of CO2 emissions.

Impoundment appears to be built in a flood plain or wetlands area

Compressor Station.Newly produced Marcellus Shale gas 
has to be moved to market using compressor stations to push it through pipelines

Blake Ridge area. Impoundment 3 is right above Rte 89.
4 locations related to gas drilling can be seen in this part of northern West Virginia. 
Once infrastructure pipelines are in place, many states see an “in fill” with more drilling sites and wells added in between.

Impoundment pool

Drill Bit


Websites and Individuals to follow regarding Hydrofracking:

New Yorkers Against Fracking  Please get involved in this!
R-Cause   Rochester, NY  sign-up to this area info network 
New York Times  click here
Sandra Steingraber  click here
Walter Hang, Toxics Targeting  click here
Robert Oswald & Michelle Williams (impact on animals)  click here
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Tony Ingraffea  click here
Deborah Rogers, financial spin on hydrofracking  click here
Dr. Jannette Barth, economist  click here
Josh Fox, filmmaker & activist click here
Gov. Andrew Cuomo.  Call him!  Email him!  

Other important links from my website NoToHydrofracking:

The more we see and read and learn about hydrofracking, the clearer it becomes that hydrofracking is quite simply something that must not be allowed to happen in NY State or anywhere.  The future costs to our health, to our environment and our lives and economies of local communites are just too great.  We know this just by looking at the states where it is happening right now.  Pennsylvania is a disaster case in my opinion on many many levels.  

The impact of hydrofracking upon climate change is enormous.  Our entire planet is in grave danger of being damaged beyond saving if we continue on the path of short-sighted, greedy fossil fuel production and use.

We should insist that the Governor of NY (please call and write Cuomo) and the state's DEC either ban hydrofracking or at the very least sustain the moratorium for several years and allow real scientists, environmentalists, economists and physicians to generate a body of unbiased peer reviewed research so that we can better understand in an objective way what hydrofracking could mean to this state, local communities, and the entire planet over the long haul.  The fact that there has not yet been a health impact study is outrageous.
The health of individuals, the health of the environment, the health of the entire planet should come first - rather than the short sighted greed of a few powerful individuals, corporations, banks and politicians who want to take the gas and run . . .  leaving us all left behind to clean up their mess with our own tax dollars and unknown future health impact costs.  The health of the planet (global warming or climate change) cannot be denied and ignored any longer and hydrofracking contributes to this global problem in a very substantial way.  Click Here  

We must change the way we see the world; we must change the way we understand and relate to the natural world; we must change the way we live.   We've got to ween ourselves from fossil fuels and we must begin to do it now.  If hydrofracking in New York State is permitted, we will face what others have already experienced in other states, as depicted in the pictures above.  It's a local and a global issue.  It will take everyone to join in the process to stop hydrofracking and begin making the big shift.  

Will we learn from what's happened to other states and other places in the world that have allowed hydrofracking?  Please visit my website NoToHydrofracking for more up to the minute information, and check out the links just below the display of photographs.


This project Hydrofracking Screenshots is part II of a four part series entitled The Hydrofracking Suite.

For more information about hydrofracking visit my website NoToHydrofracking.

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