Additional Symmetrical Photographs

Additional Symmetrical Photographs 
from the projects: 
Prayer Stones
Celestial Gardens

The images below, originally made for the Prayer Stones, were edited out of the published online version.    

    Prayer Stones  (Green grass, stone ruins, Troy)  19x25"   double-page illumination

   Prayer Stones #19  Prayer Stones, Marble wall, Hagia Sophia  19x25"  double-page illumination

   Prayer Stones #17  Prayer Stones, Mineral Springs, Paumkalle, Turkey  19x25"  double-page illumination

   Prayer Stones #19  Prayer Stones, Aphrodisias Ruins stadium steps 19x25"  double-page illumination

  Prayer Stones #19 (Gold grass, stone ruins, Troy)  19x25"   double-page illumination

Prayer Stones  (Cracked marble floor, Hagia Sophia)  19x25"   double-page illumination          

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          Crystalline Paradise  2012 symmetrical photographs made after my trip to Moorish Spain

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