Costa Rica 2010

Costa Rica 2010
Inkjet prints, 18x24” & 15x27" (including gray mat) 

Gloria and I went to Costa Rica in February 2010 with a tour set up by the Urban Ecology Center of Milwaukee, Wi. The tour emphasized sustainable agriculture and environmental concerns, such as preserving the rain and cloud forests in Costa Rica, agroengineering and watershed restoration projects. We visited several beautiful rainforest gardens and reserves, experimental self-sustaining farms, pre-Columbian ruins, Volcano National Parks. We took a boat trip down a local waterway, walked in cool wet cloud forests, and spent a few dry hot days on the Pacific Ocean near a beautiful mangrove. I loved kayaking in the mangrove estuary - where trees grow in an area where fresh land water and ocean salt water meet and merge. Thankfully we did not go deep enough into the mangrove where alligators are known to hang out!

My favorite experience in Costa Rica was walking, alone, through a Monteverde cloud forest reserve. It was a magical place of fog and tree tops, suspended bridges and invisible tropical birds and their wonderful birdsong. A funny thing happened on that walk . . . 

But first, you have to know there were many bird watchers in our tour group and they desperately wanted to see the famous, but mysterious Quetzal bird. I am not a bird watcher, and I had been kidding them about the birds they wanted to see and often could hear but could not see. Too often I would show them pictures I had made of other pictures, or configurations of tree brances and leaves that looked like birds but really weren't - just to see if they could identify the "bird." They'd look at my pictures and eventually realize I was trying to fool them. At first it was funny but . . . 

. . . I was walking through the cloud forest on a suspension bridge when all of a sudden an amazingly beautiful iridescent green and red bird flew over my head and into a tree top right next to me. I took it's picture and brought it back to show the tour group. It turns out it was a Quetzal! But the bird watchers refused to believe my story - they thought I had somehow faked the picture and was trying to fool them again.

This webpage and the photos you see here were prepared in late January, 2012. The last seven images are mandalas, or symmetrical repetition images that I had constructed in 2011 for inclusion in a project entitled Celestial Gardens.

Welcome to Costa Rica! and be sure to click on the images (once, twice) to get a closer look.

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Costa Rica 2010  Contemplating the Arenal volcano  18x24" 

Costa Rica 2010  Dirt road to the Arenal Volcano 

Costa Rica 2010  Lake Arenal from the base of the volcano at the national park

Costa Rica 2010  Pacific Ocean at Sundown with moon

Costa Rica 2010  Mangrove estuary looking west toward the Pacific Ocean

Costa Rica 2010   Lake, Poas Volcano National Park

Costa Rica 2010  LaPaz Rainforest water falls

Costa Rica 2010  Rain forest

  CCosta Rica 2010  Road to Selvatura Cloud Forest 

Costa Rica 2010  Cloud Forest near LaPaz Gardens  15x27"

Costa Rica 2010  Suspended bridge, Selvatura Cloud Forest

Costa Rica 2010  Tree tops, Selvatura Cloud Forest

Costa Rica 2010  Tropical Bird

Costa Rica 2010  Two Geicos on a restaurant wall

Costa Rica 2010  Bat & tropical plant, Tirimbina rainforest reserve 15x27"

Costa Rica 2010  Cocoa bean

Bamboo forest, Jardines Lankester, Costa Rica  (symmetrical repetition image)  15x27"

Costa Rica  Mandala (Selvatura Cloud Forest)

 "The Veil"   Mandala  (Mangrove estuary near Pacific Ocean, Costa Rica

 Mandala (Poas Volcano National Park, Costa Rica)

Costa Rica  Mandala (bird in tree)

Costa Rica  Mandala (pink tropical flowers)

Costa Rica  Mandala (Tropical flowers) 15x27"

Costa Rica  Mandala (Two tropical flowers)

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