Centrality Axiality Triplicity Quadrature

Centrality  Axiality 
Triplicity   Quadrature

   Infinite Beauty Abstract Photograph    20x25"   
Centrality; Axiality; Triplicity; Quadrature
Circles & Triangles within a Square
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Samer Akkach:  Cosmology and Architecture in Premodern Islam
Premodern literature on the Ka'ba provides ample references to the notion of centrality, axiality, triplicity, and quadrature; to its agency in the spatial deployment and temporal differentiation; and to its significance in materializing the creative relationship between triplicity and quadrature.  The rich and complex mythology of the Ka'ba shows how a built form can become an integral part of divine geography and a central element in a cosmic landscape.  

Abstract  Symmetrical Photograph #17  (multicolored triangulated circle)  ~  19x25"   double-page illumination

Triangulated circle  21x21"

"An Imaginary Book"
   The Complete Collection of 
    Photography Projects inspired by 
    Islamic Sacred Art and Sacred Knowledge 

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