Steven D. Foster

Steven D. Foster
3906 Chatham Lane             
Canandaigua, NY  14424

Welcome Page to my photography website 

Gallery representation:  Spectrum Gallery,  Rochester,  NY  
Bill Edwards, Director
Note:  Most of the images you will see on my photography website are available for purchase in print form.  The print medium and sizes are usually indicated.  Please contact Bill Edwards regarding any such inquiries.

This link takes you to the Program Archive.  To find my interview
simple type in Foster in the Guest or Keyword search window.

This is an illustrated chronology about my involvement in photography, including personal stories, images from projects, much much more. 

This video uses images from my project: Triadic Memories
Clink on the image with the repeating red dots & woman walking a tightrope. 


Welcome Page  to The Departing Landscape website which includes the complete hyperlinked listing of my online photography projects dating back to the 1960's, my resume, contact information, and more.